We think of the future

Positive effects assured. The combination of herbal extracts and other ingredients stimulates body’s natural defences against external influences.

We are constantly on the look out for active herbal substances, according to the needs of the contemporary men and women.

Herbio cosmetics are exceptionally mild with long lasting effects. 

Products are based on a herbal foundation.

We avoid artificial and genetically modified ingredients, our products are mostly free of silicone, paraffin oils, added coloring and preservatives.

We only use exclusive, safe, harmonious and quality ingredients of pharmaceutical quality, supervised production and that are traceable.

Products are made by strict European standards, mostly in Germany, in accordance with good production practice, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Quality, safety and standards are supervised by our company, as well as independent institutions.

We do not limit ourselves by certificates. “Unlimited” is our guideline when it comes to creating products.

Our most prized values are quality, practicality, reliability and environmental care.

We use minimal packaging for our products. Packaging is made of recyclable and ecological materials.

We don’t test on animals.

We value nature and its strength.

Herbio products are developed and made in Europe. With love.

Minimum quantities of packaging of an individual product made of recyclable and ecological materials. We want to reduce the share of CO2 and save water. We respect nature and appreciate its power.

Responsibility to the local environment through mutual assistance and charitable actions.