The Herbio Story

The world of herbs – Nature’s strongest for a contemporary man and woman

HERBIO trademark was born amid fields, meadows, and forests, in Nature. Hence, the name Herbio, composed of the words “herb-” and “bios”, meaning life. Quality of life is an invaluable asset for each individual, therefore we utilize extensive knowledge and secrets on beneficial effects of plants and herbs our ancestors uncovered. These are combined with contemporary scientific discoveries and an insight into the needs of contemporary men and women.



Our products

We offer intensive care with the force of Nature, herbs and vegetation to you and your family for your well-being and a better quality of life. We develop natural and herbal products, balanced and functioning by design, with the highest possible share of natural, organic, and bioactive ingredients.



Feel better – Live better

We recognize the force of Nature, herbs and vegetation for you and your family to feel better and live better. We believe our lives are improved significantly with our well-being. You organism deserves the best. 




Today we know many plants for their numerous beneficial effects to the body. The four-leafed clover has a very special power. It brings good luck on the account of its rarity and the symbolic number four. The first leaf represents hope, the second, faith, the third, love, and the fourth, good luck. The clover is generally associated with vitality and life force.

Herbio products are made in Europe. With love.