Swedish Bitters

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A dry mix of long known healing herbs, carefully selected, dried and kept for a home-made elixir, used for centuries to ease various complications and diseases.

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INGREDIENTS OF THE BASIC MIX: aloe ferox, cinnamon, angelica roots, turmeric roots, black ash, myrrh, rhubarb roots, safflower, camphor, theriac, mannitol.

THERIAC INGREDIENTS: anise seeds, lavender blossoms, curcuma zedoaria, ginger, cinnamon, angelic, iris roots, elecampane roots, myrrh resin, angelica seeds, sweet flag roots, gentian, cloves, dictamnus, scilla, valerian roots, cardamom seeds, cascarilla bark.


Empty the herbal mix into a glass bowl and pour 1 to 1,5 litres of spirit (40 %) over it. Let it sit in a warm space or in the sun for 25 to 30 days. Shake the contents daily. After the 25 to 30 days have passed, filter the contents and pour them into small, dark bottles.

After filtering, you can store the herbs in the refrigerator or the freezer and use them later to make compresses.

Orally: 1 tablespoon (15 ml) half an hour before a meal (lessens the appetite) or after (alleviates bloating and difficulties caused by high-calorie foods), with water, tea or juice in the morning and in the evening. You can use the prepared tincture without pause for approx. 10 days. After a month-long break, you can repeat the process.

External - as a compress: Moisten a cotton ball, gauze or a cotton cloth with Swedish bitters and place it on the treated body part. Protect the compress with an airtight foil and tighten it against the body so it cannot move. The compresses are especially recommended to be kept through the night.
If you have sensitive skin, we recommend you to apply a protection cream on you skin before placing a compress over it, in order to avoid skin inflammation and redness due to contact with alcohol.

Can cause allergies to specific ingredients, depending on the individual. Possible cramps and diarrhea, stomach pains, yellow-brown coloration of the urine. In case of side effect please consult a doctor or a pharmacist.

The dietary supplement should not replace a balanced and diverse diet.

Children and pregnant women are advised against using the product.

Store the herbs in a cool, dry place, out of children’s reach.



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