Lavender Hydrolat

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Lavender hydrolat can be used on all skin types. An excellent tonic for unevenly colored or slightly acned skin (night care), for soothing the scalp and skin after sunbathing or insect bites. Can also be used as a water base for making cosmetics.

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100 % levender hydrolat (Lavendula angustifolia)


The hydrolat is acquired from quality lavender, grown organically without spraying, fertilizers and pesticides. It supplies a breathtaking perfumed and herbal scent with a pleasant, sweet note.
Lavender hydrolat is an excellent spray for adults’ and children's skin. It can be used on all types of skin and is traditionally used for night care (spray it onto your skin before sleep). Can also be used as a tonic for sensitive, unevenly colored or slightly acned skin and for other skin difficulties.  It clears and softens the skin on your face. It is also helpful as a gentle tonic for an irritated scalp.
Lavender hydrolat can also be used after sunbathing, insect bites and shaving, for it provides a soothing effect to the skin.
It is an excellent spray for body or face for a hot day or even to freshen up clothes or spaces. We can also use it as perfume. Or to calm our spirit.

Shake before use.
Face cleansing: Moisten a piece of cotton with the hydrolat and cleanse the skin on your face with circular motions. Repeat if needed.
Tonic or face spray: Spray on the clean skin of your face. Be careful not to spray it in your eyes. To freshen up, repeat several times a day, if necessary.
Body spray and natural deodorant: Spray on your skin after bathing.
Hair care: Spray it on your hair, right after washing, and massage it in.
Bath: Add some hydrolat into your bath and surrender to the soothing effect.
Room fragrance: Spray into the air, on your bedsheets, on padded furniture.





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