Business conditions


The online store is managed by Herbio Int., posredništvo pri prodaji d.o.o.., Jadranska cesta 27, 2000 Maribor, VAT no.: 87225608, Business Registration No.: 6724167000. The company was registered in the Slovenian Business Register on 12. 11. 2014, SRG 2014/48729. (District Court Maribor). The business is liable for tax.

Herbio Int., posredništvo pri prodaji d.o.o.., Jadranska cesta 27, 2000 Maribor, is a provider of e-commerce services (hereinafter referred to as “the provider”). By registering into the system, the website visitor acquires a username in the form of their email, and a password.  The username and password determine the user and submitted data in a unique manner. By registering, the website visitor becomes the user and acquires the right to purchase, which is also possible without registration – as a guest.

By making a purchase or registering to the club, the consumer allows the provider to save, process and use the personal data the user submitted on the register form until revocation, for the following purposes:
offers of products, services, employment or temporary work possibilities via postal services, phone calls, text messages, email or other telecommunications devices (hereinafter: direct marketing), event invitations, customer segmentation, polls, statistical processing.

These general business conditions are used to regulate user’s rights and a business relationship between the provider ( and the user (customer, buyer).

An individual can submit a written or another agreed upon form of request at any time for the personal data controller to, permanently or temporarily, stop using their data for marketing purposes.


The portal was formed to offer quality natural herbal cosmetics and other user-friendly products at available prices.

Registration is not necessary to view the website; however, it is necessary to make a purchase and submit an order. The registration requires a referral code. If you do not have one, write to us at

The ordered products will be delivered to you by The Delivery Services within 4 working days (in Slovenia) or within 10 working days (for other EU countries we deliver to). If you cannot accept the order on the day of the delivery, it will be forwarded to your nearest office, where it will stay for another 7 days before returning to our address.

For all orders participatory rates apply, as described under paragraph Orders.

You will pay for the order after delivery, when receiving the purchased products. Other options include payment by proforma invoice, with PayPal or a payment card.

If you wish to return the products, please inform us of that intent within 14 days of receiving them. If you return the products to our address, at your cost, within 14 days of your notification of return, we will refund the cost of purchase within 14 days of receiving the products in question.

The pictures of the products are symbolic and do not always entirely reflect the actual state.

For any clarifications, you can write to us at

The general conditions on online store have been formed in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2; the unofficial translation), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and international principles of e-commerce.


The online portal operates in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot). The portal is an informational system created for product presentation and sales.

The portal is managed by the Herbio Int d.o.o. company, hereinafter referred to as the provider.

The user is every individual who uses this system or buyer of our products.

By registering, every individual website visitor acquires a username and a password. The username equals the email address the user submits into their User profile.

The username and password determine the user and submitted data in a unique manner. After registration, the visitor acquires the status of the user and thus the right to purchase our products and the possibility to review their account in User profile.

The general business conditions regulate the activities on the portal, the user’s rights and the business relationship between the provider and the user.

By registering, the user is justified to receive special price offers, additional discounts, cooperate in prize contests, events, and other activities.

Persons liable for tax are required to provide their tax number at registration.



The provider commits to always be at the user’s disposal for:

  • provider’s identity information (the firm and the seat of the company, the number of the register the company is registered at),
  • contact information that will enable the user to communicate with the provider (email address, phone, and others) quickly and effectively,
  • information on basic characteristics of products or service offered on the website, including after-sales services and warranties,
  • information on product or service availabilities, as offered in the online store,
  • the type and conditions of delivery of the products or service to be carried out, mostly the place and deadline for the delivery,
  • information on payment options,
  • information on the expiry date on the offer from the online store,
  • information on the time limit for contract resignation and the conditions for resignation,
  • information on the return policy and possible costs for the user, if any occur,
  • information on dispute procedures and contact information of the provider’s responsible representative for user relations.



All prices are in Euro and include VAT (DDV). The Herbio Int d. o. o. company is liable for tax (DDV) and, therefore, required to pay the tax (DDV) for products that are sold. The prices for the purchase are those valid at the moment of purchase confirmation. If the product is out of stock and the price is subjected to change, the provider will inform the user and, if possible, try to guarantee a lower price, enable cancellation or exchange of the ordered product, or offer another suitable solution to the satisfaction of both parties.

Products with prices at 0 (zero) EUR are probably new and not for sale yet.



The prices for the purchase are those valid at the moment of purchase confirmation. Discounts cannot be combined; the price of discounted products cannot be additionally lowered.



The warranty is guaranteed for appropriate handling of the product.  Every product is subject to an expiration date, where the time after opening is defined as time of product’s usability with appropriate storage (at the temperature between 10 and 25 degree Celsius, in a place with no direct sunlight).

If there is no information on the warranty, the product is not in warranty or the information about it is unknown at that time.

We are confident in the quality of the Herbio trademark products; therefore we offer the possibility of returning the products within 14 days of receiving them if their content has not been used in more than 20 %.

All photos of the products are symbolic and do not guarantee its characteristics.



The products on the online portal can be purchased 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The user can choose between the products offered on the online portal.

In exceptional cases, the user can submit an order through email, at In this email, the following data should be sent with the order:

name and surname,


phone number and

the list of all purchased products with product codes.

After submitting the order, the user will receive a confirmation and notification of the received order to their email address, with detailed list of ordered products and corresponding quantities.

We reserve the right not to deliver individual purchases due to unpaid invoices.


Information on the delivery cost participation:


Slovenia: 2,99 €

Other countries: 4,99 €. Countries, outside of Slovenia, we deliver to, are Croatia, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland.

In case of payment “after delivery”, the cost of the payment after delivery, by the delivery services, is added to the final price.

In case a product is out of stock, the price of said product is not included in the total amount of the purchase.

Warning: The terms and cost of delivery, as described above, only apply within the Republic of Slovenia. Delivery to other countries is charged with the delivery costs of the delivery company. The user is also obligated to pay any possible additional tax or payments for the country outside of the Republic of Slovenia.



The provider offers the following payment options:

Payment after delivery,

Payment directly to the provider’s bank account,

Payment with PAYPAL services,

Payment with a payment or credit card: VISA, MASTERCARD.

The client and the credit or payment card holder must be the same person or organisation.

After order confirmation and payment, the changes to the content and/or final cost of the order is no longer possible.

With payment after delivery, the payment is made after receiving the purchased items. The user is provided with a paper invoice with detailed costs.

In this case, you will pay the agreed amount to the postal or delivery employee when receiving the package. You are obligated to pay a commission for the delivery service via money order by their currently valid price list (the GLS price list).

The sales and purchase agreement (the order) will be archived as an electronic file on the portal’s server and, therefore, available to the user in their user profile 24 hours a day.



Herbio Int. d. o. o. issues an electronic gift certificate against payment (the buyer receives an email with the certificate’s code). Each gift certificate has a unique serial number.


The gift certificate can be purchased in the online store. For purchasing a gift certificate, the same stipulations of business conditions apply as for other purchases, except for payment options. The validity of the gift certificate is limited to three months after being issued.


Exchanging the gift certificate for money is not possible. The certificate can only be used for the whole amount. In case the purchase is worth more than the vale of the gift certificate, the recipient of the certificate should pay the remaining amount. The entire value of ordered products should be 1 € above the value of the gift certificate.



For legal persons, the procedure of purchase is the same as for physical persons, except for choosing the option of company receipt in the first step and accept the business conditions.


For companies, private entrepreneurs, and other legal persons, we offer the option of returning purchased products, according to the warranty conditions. Legal persons cannot withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receiving them without providing a reason, as is true for physical buyers, unless a separate agreement is made.

Recompensating the value of the purchase is not possible for legal persons.



The user may inform the provider of their intention to return the products within 14 days of receiving them, without providing a reason or a compensation.

In the written cancellation notification, sent to, the user must also provide the order number and return the products unharmed, unused, and still in the original packaging in the following 30 days (as per article 43 of ZVPot), at the user’s expense.

If the user has already received the merchandise and decides to withdraw from the contract, they must return it to the company or a person authorized by the company, immediately or no later than 14 days after the notification from the first paragraph of article 43.

The user is also required to submit the receipt of the order, provide their personal data and the number of the bank account to which the return payment should be made.

The buyer is responsible for reducing the merchandise value that is a result of any activity not necessary for establishing the product’s nature, quality, or activity.

The provider will return the cost of the purchase to the user within 14 days of receiving the returned products. The provider only returns the cost of the purchase, not including the delivery cost for returning the products.

The provider will return the received payment with the same payment method the user used, unless specifically requested otherwise.

The provider may hold the return payment until the buyer submits proof of return or until taking possession of the returned merchandise.

In case of an unjustified complaint, the provider is required to keep the returned products for no more than 1 month. If the user has not collected the products within that time, the provider may destroy them.

The provider is not obligated to receive packages with reimbursement or packages than do not fit the general business conditions.

The contract resignation form can be found here.


The user can revoke their membership at any given time without listing a reason. The user sends the provider a written notification of their resignation. After receiving the notification, the user is erased from the selling structure permanently. The only condition is for the user to have settled all obligations towards the provider.



The is owned by Herbio Int d. o. o. All rights are reserved. Website content may include materials with third person copyrights.

Herbio is a registered trademark owned by Herbio Int d. o. o. A written permit from the owner is necessary for forwarding any information, photographic material or the website’s logotype.

The user consents and authorizes Herbio Int d. o. o. to publish photographic material, writings, audio or video material where the user appears.

The provider reserves the right to change business conditions without prior notification.



Reviews, assessments, and recommendations from the buyers are part of the functionality of the online store, intended for the user community.


We enable all users of the online store to write a review, examined by a professional committee before publishing. Reviews, which are in any way insulting, unsuitable or do not offer any value to other users and visitors of the online store, as examined by the committee, will not be published.



When registering to the portal or the e-newsletter, the user agrees to be informed on website novelties, new offers and promotional deals by the provider.

The provider guarantees not to misuse the user’s email address or forward it to a third person.

The user can unsubscribe from e-newsletter anytime.



Judgement for all clauses, obligations and disputes is in the jurisdiction of the District Court Maribor, the contract and its content interpreted according to the Slovenian legislation.



The products are produced with special care by the provider. The majority of our products are developed and produced in Germany, with tested and trackable ingredients. For perfume production, we use French ingredients and recipes.

Sampling and testing of the ingredients and products are made regularly, in factories with a GMP standard for pharmaceutical quality of ingredients, raw material and production.

We do not offer medicine, nor do we recommend changes or cancellation of any treatments without previous consult with your doctor or pharmacist. Pregnant women, nursing mothers, chronical patients and children should consult their doctor or pharmacist before taking any dietary supplements or using other products.

All products, as well as the packaging, are made exclusively in Europe.


The provider conducts their business according to the current consumer safety legislation.

The provider agrees to fulfil their obligations with their best efforts and establish an efficient system of solving claims and disputes and determine a contact person for the user to turn to in case of problems, by telephone of email.

Every claim is to be sent to the following email address:

The process of the claim proceedings is confidential.

The provider will notify the user of receiving the claim within five working days, along with the information on the length and continuously report on the progress of the procedure. The provider is aware of the nature of court dispute settlements and the non-equivalency of the economic value and cost of the dispute proceedings themselves. This is usually the greatest reason for the user not to file a dispute before a court. Therefore, the provider will try their best to solve any claim consensually.


Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal regulations, the provider does not recognize any provider of out-of-court procedures as authorized to settle costumer claims filed by the user as per Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act.

The provider has published a link to the platform for online consumer dispute settlement (SRPS) on their website. The platform is available on the following website:

The mentioned regulation was initiated through the Out-of-Court Settlement of Consumer Disputes Act, Regulation no. 524/2013 of the European parliament and Council on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes and the corresponding changes to the Regulation (ES) no. 2016/2004 and the Directive 2009/22/ES.



The provider’s team is dedicated to make the online portal as transparent and user-friendly as possible. In case of unclear, incorrect, or missing information, we apologize and kindly ask you to let us know at our email address:


Updated on 30. 11. 2020






S spletno trgovino upravlja Herbio Int, posredništvo pri prodaji d.o.o., Jadranska cesta 27, 2000 Maribor, DŠ: 87225608, matična številka podjetja  6724167000, podjetje je vpisano v Poslovni register Slovenije na dan 12. 11. 2014, SRG 2014/48729. (Okrožno sodišče Maribor). Podjetje je zavezanec za DDV.

Herbio Int., posredništvo pri prodaji d.o.o., Jadranska cesta 27, 2000 Maribor, je ponudnik storitev e-poslovanja (v nadaljevanju »ponudnik«). Ob registraciji v sistem, obiskovalec pridobi uporabniško ime, ki je enako naslovu njegove elektronske pošte ter geslo. Uporabniško ime in geslo uporabnika nedvoumno določata in povezujeta z vnesenimi podatki. Z registracijo obiskovalec postane uporabnik in pridobi pravico do nakupa, prav tako pa lahko brez registracije računa kupuje tudi kot gost.

Z nakupom ali vpisom v klub potrošnik dovoljuje, da Trgovec shranjuje, obdeluje in uporablja osebne podatke, posredovane na spletnem obrazcu, do preklica za naslednje namene: ponujanje blaga, storitev, zaposlitev ali začasnega opravljanja del z uporabo poštnih storitev, telefonskih klicev, SMSjev, elektronske pošte ali drugih telekomunikacijskih sredstev (v nadaljnjem besedilu: neposredno trženje), vabil na dogodke, segmentacijo strank, anketiranje, statistične obdelave.

Splošni pogoji poslovanja obravnavajo delovanje pravic uporabnika ter poslovni odnos med ponudnikom ( in uporabnikom (stranka, kupec).

Posameznik lahko kadarkoli pisno ali na drug dogovorjen način zahteva, da upravljavec osebnih podatkov trajno ali začasno preneha uporabljati njegove osebne podatke za namen neposrednega trženja.



Portal smo oblikovali, da lahko ponudimo kvalitetno naravno zeliščno kozmetiko in druge uporabnikom prijazne izdelke po dostopnih cenah.

Za pregledovanje strani prijava in registracija nista potrebni. Če pa želite opraviti nakup in oddati naročilo, je registracija obvezna. Za registracijo potrebujete napotitveno kodo. V kolikor je nimate, nam pišite na

Naročene izdelke vam bo dostavila Dostavna služba v roku do 4 delovnih dni (Slovenija) in do 10 delovnih dni (ostale države v EU katerim dostavljamo). V kolikor naročila ne boste uspeli prevzeti na dan dostave, vas bo paket z izdelki počakal do 7 dni na najbližji poslovalnici, za tem se bo vrnil na naš naslov.

Za vsa naročila velja lestvica soudeležbe stroškov dostave, ki je podrobno opisana v odstavku Naročanje.

Naročene izdelke plačate po povzetju, torej ob prevzemu pošiljke. Možnosti so še: po predračunu, s pay palom ali bančno kartico.

V kolikor bi naročene izdelke želeli vrniti, nas o tem obvestite najkasneje 14 dni po prevzemu. Če boste nepoškodovane izdelke vrnili na naš naslov, na vaše stroške v roku 14 dni po poslanem sporočilu o vračilu, vam bomo v roku 14 dni po prejemu vrnjenih izdelkov, vrnili stroške nakupa.

Slike izdelkov so lahko samo simbolične in ne odražajo vedno v celoti dejanskega stanja.

Za ostala dodatna pojasnila nam lahko pišete na

Splošni pogoji Spletne trgovine, so sestavljeni v skladu z Zakonom o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot-UPB2), na podlagi priporočil GZS in mednarodnih kodeksov za e-poslovanje.



Spletni portal deluje v skladu z Zakonom o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot). Portal je informacijski sistem, ki je namenjen predstavitvi in prodaji izdelkov.

Portal upravlja podjetje Herbio Int d.o.o., v nadaljevanju ponudnik.

Uporabnik je vsaka oseba, ki uporablja ta sistem, torej kupec naših izdelkov.

Vsak obiskovalec spletne strani z registracijo dobi svoje uporabniško ime in geslo. Uporabniško ime je enako naslovu elektronske pošte, ki ga uporabnik vnese v Uporabniški profil.

Uporabniško ime in geslo vsakega uporabnika nedvoumno določita in povežeta z izpolnjenimi podatki. Po registraciji obiskovalec postane uporabnik in pridobi pravico do naročanja izdelkov in možnost pregledovanja svojega računa v Uporabniškem profilu.

Splošni pogoji poslovanja obravnavajo delovanje spletnega portala, pravice uporabnika ter poslovni odnos med ponudnikom in uporabnikom.

Uporabnik je z registracijo upravičen do posebnih cen, lahko je deležen dodatnih popustov, sodeluje pri nagradnih igrah, dogodkih in ostalih aktivnostih.

Zavezanci za DDV so dolžni ob registraciji navesti tudi svojo davčno številko.



Trgovec se zavezuje, da bodo uporabniku vselej na voljo:

  • podatki o identiteti Trgovca (predvsem firma in sedež družbe ter številka registra, kjer je družba vpisana);
  • kontaktni podatki, ki uporabniku omogočajo hitro in učinkovito komunikacijo s Trgovcem (naslov elektronske pošte, telefon ipd.);
  • informacije o bistvenih značilnostih izdelkov oz. storitev iz ponudbe spletne trgovine, vključno s poprodajnimi storitvami in garancijami;
  • informacije o dostopnosti izdelkov oz. storitev iz ponudbe spletne trgovine;
  • način in pogoji dostave izdelkov oz. izvršitve storitev, predvsem kraj in rok dostave;
  • informacije o načinu plačila;
  • podatki o časovni veljavnosti ponudbe iz spletne trgovine;
  • informacije o roku, v katerem je še možno odstopiti od pogodbe in pogojih za odstop;
  • informacije o možnosti vračila izdelkov in o tem, če in koliko takšno vračilo stane uporabnika;
  • informacije o postopku s pritožbo uporabnika ter podatki o kontaktni osebi Trgovca za stike z uporabniki;
  • Spletna stran je namenjena informiranju in nakupovanju izdelkov.



Vse cene so v evrih in vključujejo DDV. Podjetje Herbio Int d.o.o. je zavezanec za DDV in je s tem zavezan o obveznosti plačila DDV pri izdelkih pri prodaji. Pri nakupu veljajo cene v trenutku potrditve naročila. Če izdelka ni na zalogi in pride do spremembe cene, bo ponudnik o spremembi obvestil uporabnika in mu po svojih najboljših močeh skušal zagotoviti nižjo ceno, omogočil preklic ali zamenjavo naročenega izdelka oz. ponudil drugo ustrezno rešitev, v obojestransko zadovoljstvo.

Izdelki, ki imajo ceno 0 (nič) evrov, so lahko novi in niso namenjeni prodaji.



Pri nakupu veljajo cene v trenutku potrditve naročila. Akcije se ne seštevajo, na že znižane izdelke ni možno dodatno znižanje cene.



Garancija je veljavna ob pravilnem ravnanju z izdelkom. Vsak izdelek ima rok trajanja, pri čemer številka po odprtju pomeni čas, v katerem je izdelek ob pravilni hrambi (pri temperaturi med 10 in 25 stopinj Celzija, na mestu, kjer ni direktne izpostavljenosti sončnim žarkom) uporaben.

Če informacije o garanciji ni, izdelek nima garancije ali pa podatek v danem trenutku ni znan.

Glede na prepričanje o kvaliteti izdelkov blagovne znamke Herbio zagotavljamo možnost vračila izdelka, pri čemer ne sme biti porabljeno več kot 20% vsebine izdelka oz. do 14 dni po prejemu izdelka.

Vse slike izdelkov so lahko simbolične in ne zagotavljajo lastnosti izdelka.



Naročanje izdelkov preko spletnega portala je mogoče 24 ur na dan, vse dni v letu.

Uporabnik izbira med izdelki predstavljenimi na spletnem portalu.

Izjemoma se lahko naročilo izdelkov pošlje tudi na elektronski naslov: V tem primeru je potrebno pripisati naslednje podatke:

–          ime in priimek,

–          naslov,

–          telefonsko številko

–          in seznam naročenih izdelkov z navedbo kod posameznih izdelkov.

Po oddaji naročila bo uporabnik na svoj elektronski naslov prejel potrdilo in obvestilo o prejetem naročilu, z natančno navedbo naročenih izdelkov in količin.

Pridržujemo si pravico, da določena naročila zaradi neplačanih obveznosti ne bodo dostavljena.

Strošek dostave je za vsa naročila 2,99 € v Slovenijo in 4,99 € v tujino.


Slovenija2,99 €
(Hrvaška, Avstrija, Italija, Madžarska, Nemčija, Nizozemska, Francija, Španija, Združeno kraljestvo, Irska, Češka, Slovaška, Poljska)
4,99 €


V primeru plačila »po povzetju« se k strošku priračunajo še redni stroški plačila po povzetju s strani kurirske, dostavne službe.

V kolikor določenega naročenega izdelka ni na zalogi, se znesek le-tega ne šteje v vrednost nakupa.

Opozorilo: Opisani pogoji in stroški pošiljanja veljajo le znotraj Republike Slovenije. Za dostavo v druge države se zaračunajo stroški dostave po ceniku dostavnega podjetja. Prav tako uporabnika bremenijo morebitni stroški dajatev v državah izven Republike Slovenije.



Ponudnik omogoča naslednje načine plačila naročenih izdelkov:

–          plačilo po povzetju,

–          plačilo na transakcijski račun ponudnika,

–          plačilo s pomočjo storitve PAYPAL,

–          plačilo z plačilo ali kreditno kartico VISA, MASTERCARD (Naročnik in plačnik kreditne ali plačilne kartice mora biti ista oseba ali organizacija. po potrditvi in vplačilu naročila ni več možna sprememba vsebine naročila in/ali končnega zneska naročila.).

 Plačilo s plačilnimi karticami je mogoče preko plačilnega sistema Paywiser. Več si lahko preberete na

Pri plačilu po povzetju se plačilo opravi ob prevzemu naročenih izdelkov. Uporabnik prejme račun na papirju z razčlenjenimi stroški.

V tem primeru poštnem uslužbencu ali dostavljavcu ob prevzemu paketa izročite gotovino. Dostavni službi plačate provizijo za plačilo s posebno položnico po njihovem veljavnem ceniku (Informativni ceniki GLS).

Kupoprodajna pogodba (naročilo) je za potrebe arhiviranja v elektronski obliki shranjena na strežniku portala in tako uporabniku dostopna 24 ur na dan v njegovem uporabniškem profilu.



Herbio Int. d.o.o. proti plačilu izda v elektronski obliki Darilni bon (kupec prejme e-mail s kodo darilnega bona). Vsak darilni bon je označen s svojo kodo (unikatno serijsko številko.

Darilni bon je moč kupiti v spletni trgovini  Za nakup darilnega bona veljajo enaka določila pogojev poslovanja kot za nakup drugih artiklov, razen načina plačila. Veljavnost darilnega bona je 3 mesece od izdaje bona..

Menjava darilnega bona za gotovino ni možna. Bon je unovčljiv le v celotnem znesku. V primeru, da je vrednost nakupa višja od vrednosti darilnega bona, mora imetnik darilnega bona razliko doplačati. Skupna vrednost artiklov mora biti 1 € višja od vrednosti darilnega bona.



Postopek nakupa za pravne osebe je popolnoma enak kot za fizične osebe, le da v prvem koraku izberete opcijo račun na podjetje in potrdite strinjanje s pogoji poslovanja.

Podjetjem, samostojnim podjetnikom in drugim pravnim osebam omogočamo vračilo dobavljenih artiklov v okviru garancijskih pogojev. Pravne osebe nimajo možnosti odstopa od pogodbe v 14 dneh od prevzema artikla brez razloga, kot to velja za potrošnike (fizične osebe), razen, če se z pravno osebo sklene poseben dogovor.

Vračilo kupnine pravnim osebam ni možno.



Uporabnik lahko najkasneje 14 dni po prejemu izdelkov sporoči, da želi kupljene izdelke vrniti brez navedbe vzroka za odstop od naročila in kakršnekoli odškodnine.

V pisnem obvestilo o odstopu, ki ga uporabnik pošlje na e-naslov:, mora uporabnik navesti številko nakupa, izdelke pa na lastne stroške vrniti nepoškodovane, nerabljene in v originalni embalaži v nadaljnjih 30 dneh (po 43. členu ZVPot).

Če je uporabnik blago že prejel in odstopi od pogodbe ga vrne ali izroči podjetju ali osebi, ki jo podjetje pooblasti za prevzem blaga, nemudoma oziroma najpozneje po 14 dneh po obvestilu iz prvega odstavka 43.č člena.

Uporabnik mora priložiti tudi račun, ki ga je prejel za naročene izdelke, navesti svoje osebne podatke in transakcijski račun, na katerega želi prejeti vrnjeno plačilo.

Kupec odgovarja za zmanjšanje vrednosti blaga, če je to posledica ravnanja, ki ni nujno potrebno za ugotovitev narave, lastnosti in delovanje blaga.

Ponudnik bo v tem primeru uporabniku vrnil vse stroške nakupa v roku 14 dni po prejemu vrnjenih izdelkov. Ponudnik vrne le strošek kupnine, ne pa tudi stroškov pošiljanja vrnjenih izdelkov.

Ponudnik vrne prejeta plačila kupcu z enakim plačilnim sredstvom, kot ga je uporabil, razen če je kupec izrecno zahteval uporabo drugega plačilnega sredstva.

Ponudnik lahko zadrži vračilo prejetih plačil dokler kupec ne predloži dokazila o vračilu oz. do prevzema vrnjenega blaga.

V primeru neupravičene reklamacije je ponudnik dolžan hraniti vrnjene izdelke največ 1 mesec. Po tem času jih lahko uniči, v kolikor jih uporabnik ni prevzel.

Ponudnik ni dolžan sprejeti pošiljk z odkupnino ali pošiljk, ki ne ustrezajo ponudnikovim splošnim pogojem poslovanja.

Obrazec za odstop od pogodbe najdete tukaj.


Svoje članstvo lahko uporabnik kadarkoli prekliče, ne da bi ponudniku navedel vzrok. Uporabnik pošlje ponudniku pisno izjavo o svojem odstopu. Po prejemu obvestila, se uporabnika za nedoločen čas izbriše iz prodajne strukture. Pogoj je, da so plačane vse obveznosti.



Spletni portal je v lasti podjetja Herbio Int d.o.o. Vse pravice so pridržane. Vsebine na spletnih straneh lahko vsebujejo gradivo, katerega avtorske pravice so lahko tudi last tretjih oseb.

Herbio je registrirana blagovna znamka v lasti podjetja Herbio Int d.o.o. Za vsakršno posredovanje informacij, slikovnega gradiva ali logotipa iz spletnih strani portala je potrebno pridobiti pisno dovoljenje lastnika.

Uporabnik soglaša in pooblašča Herbio Int d.o.o., da sme objavljati fotografsko gradivo, zapis, tonski zapis ali video, kjer se pojavlja uporabnik.

Ponudnik si pridržuje pravico do spremembe pogojev poslovanja brez predhodnega obvestila.



 Mnenja, ocene in priporočila, ki jih kupci napišejo, so del funkcionalnosti spletne trgovine, in namenjeni skupnosti vseh uporabnikov.

Omogočamo, da mnenje napiše katerikoli uporabnik spletne trgovine, pred dokončno objavo pa mnenje pregleda strokovna komisija. Prispevkov, ki so kakorkoli žaljivi, neprimerni ali ki po oceni Herbio strokovne komisije ne nudijo koristi drugim uporabnikom in obiskovalcem, ne bomo objavili.



Uporabnik se strinja, da ga ponudnik ob prijavi v portal ali na e-novičke občasno obvešča o novostih na strani, novostih v ponudbi in promocijskih akcijah ponudnika.

Ponudnik se obvezuje, da e-naslova uporabnika ne bo na noben način zlorabil ali posredoval tretji osebi.

Uporabnik se lahko kadarkoli odjavi od prejemanja e-novičk.



Za kraj in sodišče vseh klavzul, obveznosti in sporov velja Okrožno sodišče v Mariboru, pogodba in vsebina je tolmačena s Slovensko zakonodajo in pravom.



Ponudnik z izjemno skrbnostjo razvija izdelke. Večina izdelkov je razvita in proizvedena v Nemčiji, s sestavinami, ki so testirane in sledljive. Za parfume uporabljamo Francoske sestavine in recepture.

Vzorčenje in testiranje kvalitete sestavin in izdelkov se opravlja redno ves čas, v tovarnah, ki imajo GMP standard o farmacevtski kvaliteti sestavin, surovin in proizvodnje .  

Ne prodajamo zdravil. Ne priporočamo opustitve ali spremembe kateregakoli zdravljenja brez posveta z zdravnikom ali farmacevtom. Nosečnice, doječe mame, kronični bolniki in otroci naj se pred jemanjem prehranskih dopolnil ali drugih izdelkov posvetujejo z zdravnikom ali farmacevtom.  

Vsi izdelki, kakor tudi embalaža so proizvedeni izključno v Evropi.



Ponudnik spoštuje veljavno zakonodajo o varstvu potrošnikov.

Ponudnik se bo po svojih najboljših močeh trudil izpolnjevati svojo dolžnost in vzpostaviti učinkovit sistem obravnavanja pritožb in določiti kontaktno osebo, s katero se bo lahko uporabnik v primeru težav povezal telefonsko ali po elektronski pošti.

Vsako pritožbo je potrebno poslati na elektronski

Postopek obravnave pritožbe je zaupen.

Ponudnik bo v petih delovnih dneh potrdil, da je prejel pritožbo in uporabnika obvestil, kako dolgo jo bo obravnaval in ga vseskozi obveščal o poteku postopka. Ponudnik se zaveda, da je bistvena značilnost potrošniškega spora, vsaj kar zadeva sodno reševanje, njegova nesorazmernost med ekonomsko vrednostjo zahtevka in stroški, ki nastanejo pri reševanju samega spora. To je tudi glavna ovira, da uporabnik ne sproži spora pred sodiščem. Zato si bo ponudniki prizadeval po svojih najboljših močeh, da se morebitni spori rešijo sporazumno.

Izvensodno reševanje potrošniških sporov

Skladno z zakonskimi normativi ponudnik ne priznava nikakršnega izvajalca izvensodnega reševanja potrošniških sporov kot pristojnega za reševanje potrošniškega spora, ki bi ga potrošnik lahko sprožil v skladu z Zakonom o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov.

Ponudnik na svoji spletni strani objavlja elektronsko povezavo na platformo za spletno reševanje potrošniških sporov (SRPS). Platforma je na voljo potrošnikom na naslednji povezavi

Navedena ureditev izhaja iz Zakona o izvensodnem reševanju potrošniških sporov, Uredbe (EU) št. 524/2013 Evropskega parlamenta in Sveta o spletnem reševanju potrošniških sporov ter spremembi Uredbe (ES) št. 2016/2004 in Direktive 2009/22/ES.



Celotna ekipa na strani ponudnika se bo trudila, da bi bil spletni portal kar najbolj pregleden in enostaven za uporabo. V primeru nejasnih, napačnih ali manjkajočih podatkov, se opravičujemo in vas prosimo, da nam v tem primeru pišete na elektronski naslov:


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