ADBS (Advanced Distribution Business System)

In Herbio INT d.o.o. we strive for excellence in products as well as everything marketing related. For 6 years we have been developing a unique form of cooperation and marketing we call ADBS by Herbio. It is a concept of cooperation that is both financially stimulative and reliable, legally and taxwise.

Sales will never cease to exist among people. In this era of digital marketing the opportunities and possibilities are endless. ADBS by Herbio model is simple. It does not offer employment but rather work and a possibility of a carrier that can evolve into a personal business. Carrier means development. We are an internationally oriented company, present in several markets within EU. Thus, this is an independent and autonomous working opportunity, accompanied by a guided leadership and a professional support of the Herbio family.

Work from home is our new reality and the future. Are you interested in digital marketing on top of making money? Then ADBS is a perfect opportunity for you.

If you are interested in finding out more and wish to become a part of the team, write to us at:

Write us an email, listing your experience, and we will invite you to discuss the possibilities of our future cooperation.